White Cloth Cleaning
8 Feb2018

Great care is also required while bleaching process is going on White clothes need bleach after a season White clothes look great but if they are in proper white color. White color if used excessively then it loses its whiteness and looks ugly with yellowish touch to remove that yellowish or pinkish touch from your […]

Rainy Coat
27 Jan2018

Rain coat texture requires great care with sensitivity In rainy season, your rainy coat protects you but it requires some protection as well after usage Human beings live on earth and enjoy different types of weathers. Some areas are hilly, some are flat, some are watery and some are dry. Weathers are also different and […]

Handling Designer Handbags
24 Jan2018

Using the right products can make your work easy There are two categories of handbags that can be clearly distinguished. One is the casual category that enlists bags that are of a tough material and can withstand the routine harshness. The other type is of designer bags that are made from delicate materials and need […]

Carpet Cleaning
15 Dec2017

Considering some basics can be useful to pick the suitable one For some carpets are temporary and can be changed after a specific time. But it depends on your affordability and mostly people want their flooring to last as long as they want. Also cleaning procedures and take cares are different for the variety of […]

White Clothes
29 Nov2017

They require great care and attention and special treatment during washing White clothes look great but deserve a lot more care White color is no color but has its own impression. It is considered a color of purity, virginity and soberness. It is good to wear, without concerning what the stuff is? One thing that […]

16 Nov2017

Net curtains are good to use if they are neat and clean Net curtains are very delicate and require great care and handling in cleaning process Net curtains are necessary for the houses. They give proper light and air to the rooms and houses. They also protect homes and rooms from insect coming in from […]

Curtain Alteration
31 Oct2017

Dry Cleaners can do it for you beyond expectations Curtains are the necessity of a complete home, not in the present modern era, but they have a long history to trace back. It is not necessary that you have to belong to a middle class or an elite one to have curtains or drapes at […]

Stain Removal
11 Oct2017

Glycerin is a good stain remover and environment friendly also Often we have stains of ink in our costly shirts’ pockets, don’t worry about it now During office work, often we have stains and marks of ball point ink or other inky stuff. Often we see there is a big blue or black spot at […]

Wedding Dress Cleaning
23 Sep2017

Prevent your special day’s suiting as long as you want by dry cleaning We always talk about bride’s wedding dress and give tips on maintaining, cleaning and preserving it. What about the suit the groom wears? It is as important as the dress of a bride, as there are many valuable memories of the groom […]

Leather Sofas Care
23 Aug2017

By waxing or polishing, life of leather can be increased Cleaning the leather upholstery requires great care at home Leather is a natural material and we get it from skin of different animals. It is very precious thing and after processing we can give different colors, thickness and designs. Leather upholstery on home appliances, especially […]