Bleaching is a good process to make white clothes whiter than before
White Cloth Cleaning
8 Feb2018

Great care is also required while bleaching process is going on

White clothes need bleach after a season

White clothes look great but if they are in proper white color. White color if used excessively then it loses its whiteness and looks ugly with yellowish touch to remove that yellowish or pinkish touch from your white clothes bleaching is necessary after frequent intervals, throughout the life of white clothes.

Bleaching Process gives you a new bluish touch to your white clothes. They look new at once after bleaching.  It is an art to bleach your white stuff and be careful in this process. Sometimes it harms your skin too.


Cold water is prescribed for bleaching process

After deciding that the stuff can be bleached, use always cold water for bleaching process. Use a plastic bucket for bleaching. Never mix bleached clothing with normal clothing. The white color is for bleach so avoid all things and clothes from other stuff, used in bleaching. Dip white clothes into bleaching water.

Use open area for bleaching to avoid any misshapen. Bleach is a strong chemical but if you want the maximum result from the bleaching process then you can add Laundry Detergent, dish detergent and washing soda with the bleaching agent.  All these things and dry cleaning give best result with white clothes. White clothes get whiter than before after each dip in the beach or in a mixture of all these things.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Proper timing is very much important in this process. Give ten to fifteen minutes’ dip time for clothes. Excess time may cause damage of your white stuff. Bleach cuts the fiber if the dip in it for a long time.  Ten to fifteen minutes are enough to get results.

Labels are very important in this connection

Though bleaching is necessary for white clothes, every white stuff is not made of bleach. White kinds of stuff are in great variety with different fibers and texture. Labels are very important to get knowledge about the fiber and stuff and get the information about the stuff whether it is made of bleach or not.

White Clothes Bleaching

White Clothes Bleaching

If bleach is not recommended for the stuff, don’t put it into the bleach, this will damage the whole stuff. Some stuff is recommended for bleach but Mild Bleach, some stuff is vulnerable to bleach don’t use bleach for it. Be careful in the use of bleach and labels of stuff will guide you in this reference.

Rinsing in cold water may mend the stuff once again

Bleach is a chemical and it is hot by nature. After bleaching process, rinse clothes with cold water thoroughly to remove the effect of bleach from the stuff. Thorough rinsing is necessary to make sure that the stuff is free from the effect of bleaching.

Bleaching smell is the real test to get the sense whether the stuff is free from bleach or not. After Proper rinsing spread the stuff into sunlight or on a wire in airy place.

Don’t use spinner to dry the bleached stuff

After bleaching, stuff becomes prone and near about to tear, if pulls harshly, so never use the dryer after bleaching the stuff. Wring by hand and spread the stuff out for natural dry.

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