Curtains Use to Manage Fresh Air and Light to our Houses and Rooms, Take Care of Them
16 Nov2017

Net curtains are good to use if they are neat and clean

Net curtains are very delicate and require great care and handling in cleaning process

Net curtains are necessary for the houses. They give proper light and air to the rooms and houses. They also protect homes and rooms from insect coming in from outside or nearby garden.

They are made by very delicate and thin but strong material and with the passage of time get dirty and stained, required washing and dry cleaning but you can’t make them up with same treatment as we do with other curtains. Here are some very easy steps by applying these steps you can get neat and clean net curtains. Neat and clean curtains look great.

Curtain Laundry

Curtain Laundry

Use bath tub for washing or cleaning process

Use bath tub for cleaning process of net curtains. Use always mild detergent for cleaning the net curtains because they are mostly made by polyester and plastic fabric. If you have not a bath tub at home, then use any big pot for net curtains make foam and dip the net curtains into the foamy solution. Rub gently for stain removal like debris and grime from your net curtains. Use always Luke warm water to clean the net curtains. As we discussed, these curtains are made of polyester and plastic fiber, so with Luke warm water and mild detergent solution, pure cleaning can be achieved.

Process before process

Before the required treatment of cleaning, give them pretreatment and make them ready for the real process of cleaning. In this pretreatment while the curtain is hanging, remove the loose dust from it by dusting with heavy cloth or if you have vacuum machine at home then use it to remove loose dust from the curtains.

Net Curtains

Net Curtains

After removing loose dust from the curtains, take them out from the curtain rod carefully. Remove the end cap first form the one corner and drop the curtain down from the rod from one side. Be careful in this process to remove it from the rod because if you are careless about take off the curtain you can damage the rings or curtain by pulling it hard in removing from the rod.

Mixture of vinegar and baking soda is used as a good cleaner

If you are not interested in using any detergent, then make your own detergent by mixing vinegar and baking soda. It gives you proper cleaning of net curtains. Baking soda and vinegar are good stain removers, and good for removing grime as well. Dip the curtain into this mixture of baking soda, vinegar and Luke warm water. After thirty minutes, rub it gently and rinse thoroughly to get neat and clean net curtain. Curtains become dirty and their rings become dirty as well. Take an old tooth brush and use baking soda once again to remove the yellowish stains from the rings of curtains. Do clean all the rings properly. You can wash net curtains in washing machine. Add water into washing tub use mild detergent and mild circle mode. Just one round is enough for net curtains. Get them out from the machine and rinse thoroughly and put them in open air to get dry. Use them once again to get the benefits of net curtains.

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