How to Remain Your Costly Shirts Neat and Clean from Stains?
Stain Removal
11 Oct2017

Glycerin is a good stain remover and environment friendly also

Often we have stains of ink in our costly shirts’ pockets, don’t worry about it now

During office work, often we have stains and marks of ball point ink or other inky stuff. Often we see there is a big blue or black spot at the front of your shirt pocket and that stain tells the whole story. Stain removal from your costly shirts is not difficult. There are few steps to adopt to avoid these stains from your costly shirts’ pockets.

Blotting up the fresh stain as early as possible

Whenever you have had an inky stain or some quantity of ink on your shirt, blot it with a piece of tissue or cloth if you have. By this immediate response, you can soak or suck the most of the quantity of ink from the surface of the shirt.

Stain on Shirt

Stain on Shirt

If you don’t do this, stains will dry and become difficult to remove from the stuff. Be careful in this treatment. Place two or three layers of tissue or fine cotton cloth under the stain before suck or blot the stains from the surface of cloth if you miss this step, stain will penetrate through different layers of your shirts till end on pressing or blotting.

After blotting the stain, use alcohol-based hairspray on stains

Generally, hairspray is a good and effective stain remover. There is a reasonable quantity of alcohol in all hairsprays, so use it as early as possible on the stains to remove it from your costly shirt. Alcohol is a good remedy to break up stains from the surface of cloths and shirts. After giving a good quantity of alcohol-based hairspray to the stain, give it some time of round about half an hour.

Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

After that you can remove the stain with a tissue or cloth, but not completely at once. Repeat the process after each rinsing for two or three times to get ultimate results. Make one thing clear, do not let dry any stain, otherwise the option remain will be the dry cleaner.

Dabbing the stains with other stain removers

There are some top quality stain removers available in the market to remove hard and tough stains from your shirts and costly clothing. Use them when necessary. Dabbing stains with dipped cotton or dipped tissues to remove stains from the surface. Alcoholic stain removers and ammonia stain removers are considered the best because they give proper results.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Baking soda mixture is also a good stain remover. Mix some quantity of baking soda into two or three table spoon water and spread this paste on the surface of stain and give some time after drying the baking soda scoop it up or scratch this paste with a spatula this dried paste soak the stains.

Glycerin with dish wash detergent is a perfect stain remover

Glycerin is a good and natural stain remover and if it is mixed with dish wash detergent its result will good. Both materials are used for cleansing and cleaning. Make a paste and apply it on the surface of stains. If necessary, dip one or two drops of pure glycerin on the surface of stains then let them dry after drying this paste can remove the stains from the shirts.

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