Taking Care of Groom’s Suit
Wedding Dress Cleaning
23 Sep2017

Prevent your special day’s suiting as long as you want by dry cleaning

We always talk about bride’s wedding dress and give tips on maintaining, cleaning and preserving it. What about the suit the groom wears? It is as important as the dress of a bride, as there are many valuable memories of the groom attached to it. And believe me he want to keep the dress safe and as new as it was when purchased. But sometimes fails to do so due to busy routine and professional responsibilities. But neglecting it might cause it to face many damages that may be permanent and cannot be even handled by a professional. Taking out a little time for this purpose can preserve your precious memory forever. But for this you have to take part to make sure the suit visits the dry cleaner as less as it can be. For this some very simple things can be done at home.

Special Wedding Dress

Special Wedding Dress

At Home Precautions:

Sending a Groom suit for dry cleaning is the best way to show that you are loyal to your dress. But this does not mean that you should do it after every use. There can be some very useful home tips that can avoid dry cleaning often and with hundred percent results.

  1. Brush After Use:

A very simple and fruitful way is to purchase a clothe brush which is a handy and effective gadget. After every use, if you brush your suit with this brush, it will make the dirt particles and any other unwanted surface objects to leave the suiting. This way, it will not penetrate deep in the cloth and not make the surface look unclean or change color.

  1. Sponge and Press Method:

For this home cleaning method, you need to purchase a steamer. Although it is an expensive purchase but only once you have to do it and it can make your suit clean perfectly. You have to take a damp clothe brush and with downward movement brush it delicately on the suit. It will make the surface problems vanish and then move on to using the steamer. The main purpose of a steamer is to remove any odors or wrinkles that had occurred during use. Steamer is a mild iron while a usual dry iron can damage the fabric due to its high temperature.

Dry Cleaning Service

How often should a Suit go for Dry Cleaning?

This is a very critical question and the experts say that only two to three times a year  or make it two actually to be on the safer side. The fabric of the groom suiting is of high quality and with it, its delicate nature is paired. By exposing it to chemicals more often can cause the fibers to get damaged and this will make you loose your precious expensive purchase forever. And this damage cannot be undone by any means, the outer look can never be the same and wearing it again will be out of question. To prevent this, be very careful in planning the dry cleaning schedule so as to keep your favorite suit forever in your wardrobe.

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