Tips on Handling Designer Handbags
Handling Designer Handbags
24 Jan2018

Using the right products can make your work easy

There are two categories of handbags that can be clearly distinguished. One is the casual category that enlists bags that are of a tough material and can withstand the routine harshness.

The other type is of designer bags that are made from delicate materials and need special look after if you really want them to last longer. For the first category, any cleaning method can be used and they will give really good results as well.

But when you are going to work with the cleaning process of a delicate one then you should have specific expertise in the area. If you do not have the experience then try out will result in disaster bringing your purchase to the level of ‘no use’.

Dry cleaners can treat silk and velvet type materials well and even make them look better than the original. Some minor restorations are done along with the cleaning process if the customer asks or permits the dry cleaner to do so.

Cloth or Fabric Designer Bag Cleaning

It is not necessary that every designer bag is of leather but if it is not then also they can be cleaned at home but you should be sure of the products and your own experience also. As wasting such an expensive handbag will be an irrational thing to do.

Fabric Designer Bag Cleaning

Fabric Designer Bag Cleaning

Again for stains like oil and grease, cornstarch will do the job well. And for ink spots, magic eraser is also a good choice. Now when you are going to purchase the cleaner it should be read carefully for the material it can be applied on.

As there are separate cleaners available in the market, applying the right one is very important. A mixture of water and mild soap can also work well if you are looking for a home remedy.

Leather Bag Cleaning

First always make sure that you are buying an authentic product made of the right material. Leather, suede and exotic leather can all be cleaned in the same way. The products you are going to use should be of high quality so that no harm can occur during its usage.

Moisturizing is a must for these materials and it should be done every six months to keep the surface crack free which can eventually tear apart. First, make sure the surface is clean, and then apply leather cleaner in small strokes.

Leather Bag Cleaning

Leather Bag Cleaning

For stains like oil and grease you can use cornstarch, leaving it on the spot for few hours and then commence with the leather cleaner. Instruction on the label should be strictly followed or else right results could not be reached. Other ink spots can be erased with a white magic cleaner most of the times.

Cleaning a Handbag Lining and Hardware

If your lining is free then taking it out and then applying the cleaner will be an easy thing to do and it can be dried afterward. For the ones are sewn inside apply the cleaner and leave it to dry completely which will take more time than the first.

Be very careful, as it is very important that you completely dry a bag before use. There are hardware cleaners especially for handbags that can take care of this portion. After cleaning and drying spraying a protective layer on the entire surface can safeguard it from dirt and stains.

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