White clothes look great
White Clothes
29 Nov2017

They require great care and attention and special treatment during washing

White clothes look great but deserve a lot more care

White color is no color but has its own impression. It is considered a color of purity, virginity and soberness. It is good to wear, without concerning what the stuff is? One thing that white color demands from us is its neatness along with its brightness.

In order to keep white clothes white we have different tactics to adopt to remove stains from white clothes, to remove yellowed spot from white clothes and to get more shiny and bright white clothes after each wash without giving them any harm and sacrifice of their life span.

Separate them from color clothes before washing

White color is very prone for other colors, so it is very good and necessary to separate white clothes from colored clothes before washing. Make a separate load of just whites.

Sorting the Clothes for Laundry

Sorting the Clothes for Laundry

White with whites, no problem but when you will mix white with other colorful clothes, though the colors are fast but white color get something from colored clothes and lose its shine, tint and whiteness in some extent.

It is better to make a separate load than to lose white clothes. Even in whites you can shunt on the basis of filth, stains and grime. Don’t mix dirty and filthy clothes with normal dirty clothes at any cost. Don’t mix stainy whites with respectively clean whites.

Labels are important in white clothes

Labels and tags are very important in washing and ironing of clothes whether it is white or colorful. In whites case is becomes more critical than ever due to just white color. You need to pay some extra attention to whites during washing them. You can’t move against labels and tags. They guide you regarding water temperature, cycle of washing and detergents according to the stuff.

Ironing of Clothes

Ironing of Clothes

Careful about lint producing whites and lint collector whites while washing them

Some whites produce lint and some are good recipient as well. be careful about these things, don’t mix both categories with each other otherwise it is very difficult to remove lint from the white clothes and after washing they never look like washed due to lint on them. For example don’t mix white towels with white corduroy. Towels produce lint and corduroy is a good collector of lint and you can’t remove it from corduroy easily.

Use bluing agent after each washing

Whiteness and shine in white stuff is because of blue touch in it if white color is going yellowed or pinkish then it means it is losing its brightness, whiteness and shine. When you feel this thing, use blue agent for white clothes. Add some quantity of bluing agent into water and dip your white clothes into it to get their shine and bluish touch once again.

Stain on Shirt

Stain on Shirt

Use warm water for whites

Use warm water for white clothes. It is good for the brightness of whites. If you are using cotton then no problem with warm water but if you are using white nylon, lycra and spandex with warm water then it will damage their shape. It might be the cause of shrinkage of the stuff.

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